These Are The Days- Neal Francis

“I just wanted to be honest about everything, from my musical influences to my story,” writes Neal Francis on his official website. Based in the Blues capital Chicago, the young musician openly describes his past with a self-destructive living consumed by drugs and alcohol. Before sinking into addiction, he was considered as a promising pianist, inspired by New Orleans rhythms, Chicago blues, and early 70’s rock n roll. At the age of 18 Francis began touring Europe with Muddy Waters’ son and backing up other prominent artists, and then joined popular instrumental funk band The Heard. As the band gained more success, Francis felt that he is losing himself, and deepened his addiction disease. After almost dying, he completed a long physical and inner healing, and launched his solo career as a singer-songwriter.
In 2019 he released his own debut album- Changes, a blend of styles including funk, blues, and jazz influences, in which Francis pays tribute to the blues and R&B masters, with his own style signature and his own personal singing presentation.

“These Are the Days” is one of the most delightful tracks in the Album, filled with soul warming horns, gospel piano and harmonic background singing, as if it was taken from the lost version of the unforgettable “Blues Brothers” motion picture soundtrack.

These are the Days
Artist-Neal Francis
Album-Changes (2019)
Released by Karma Chief Records, a division of Colemine Records

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